But bear this in mind
It was meant to be

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Zayn during Summer love [ Madrid. 25/05/13 ]

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A year ago today, our lives changed forever. While the rest of the world got themselves in a bit of a tizz over the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal baby George, we sat about refreshing YouTube waiting for One Direction to premiere the Best Song Ever music video.

Yup - the office basically turned into some kind of oestrogen-and-a-bit-of-testosterone-fuelled ZOO; there was shaking, there was screaming, there was shimmying. But today, on BSE’s birthday, one thing hit us - exactly what are Marcel, Veronica, Leeroy, Jonny and Harvey up to now? Let’s find out, shall we?


Struggling to cope with the fame that came hand-in-hand with starring in a One Direction video, Marcel now lives a quiet life in Cornwall. Leaving the world of marketing behind, he now co-owns a successful haberdashery shop - Cute As a Button - in the village of Brocton.


Dance is still so hot right now, but unfortunately for Leeroy there are loads of new teachers on the scene fresh out of theatre school ready to snatch his sweatband. After a freak shimmy-induced injury that almost cost him his career late last year Leeroy’s currently making his big comeback on Dancing with the Stars in Switzerland, where he consistently scores a per-fect 10 every Saturday.

Leeroy is also available for nightclub PAs and meet and greets through his agent.


Since starting out as a secretary, Veronica Malik’s career has skyrocketed. After being scouted by Russian millionnaire Iskander Makhmudov, she’s now a global brand; winning the Eurovision Song Contest for Austria earlier this year, landing a place on the Latvia’s Next Top Model judging panel and becoming the new face of Dior in a record-breaking $300,000,000 deal.

We also hear she does car commercials in Japan.


Jonny has famously been plagued with scandal since the release of the video; being branded a ‘homewrecker’ after being caught in a compromising position with Angelina Jolie in St. Tropez last summer. Despite initially declining to comment on the supposed affair and his betrayal of close friend Brad Pitt, Jonny’s set to tell all with an exclusive £2 million book deal and fly-on-the-wall documentary series later this year.


Things have gone slightly better for Harvey, who opened a chicken restaurant chain to rival Nando’s last October. Despite getting off to a bad start after a bitter lawsuit with KFC (Harvey declared *he* was ‘The Colonel’ in a controversial advertising campaign), his restaurant chain’s just opened its 100th outlet.

Anonymous asked: so you're not going to share your thoughts on him missing something important. interesting.


i feel like u all should know me well enough by now to know my answer to this !!!

like OBVS i don’t think it’s a big deal ?????????? why are ppl shocked ??? zayn’s on break. when zayn is on break zayn IS ON BREAK like it’s serious shit zayn and his breaks. zayn needs those breaks. zayn needs to be away from cameras and sleeping lots and spending lots of time at home, with family, with friends (those outside of one direction !!). and maybe zayn had plans already. WE DON’T KNOW !! we aren’t involved in his personal life. we don’t know the intimate details.

y do ppl not understand this by now !!! why is it such a hard concept to grasp ??????

listen. i’m lazy as FUK and i’m not in a WORLD FAMOUS BOY BAND !! i don’t leave my couch for fukin ANYTHIN unless i ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO !!

would i go to my best friend’s mom’s wedding umm probz not LOL not unless my friend was like “YOU NEED TO FUCKING BE THERE”

i honestly don’t think louis cared whether zayn was there or not ?? like. i’m sure they’re chill about it. i’m sure they are close enough and UNDERSTAND each other enough to not care.

so ppl can be sad that zayn wasn’t there and bitch about it and say zayn ~doesn’t care~ and has no heart, has no soul, is a horrid person ETC ETC but like i know that’s not true so YEA !!

and when i first saw those pix i was thankin jesus that zayn wasn’t there cuz i couldn’t fukin HANDLE that shit i did NOT wanna SEE him in a FUKIN suit cuz my eyeballs woulda SPIRALED INTO OBLIViOn and i just want a break from his uncontrollable beauty. he can stay behind closed doors it’s good for my HEALTH and HIS !!! we’re mutually benefiting from these breaks i’m tellin u !!!!!!!!!

so yea those are MY thoughtzies !!!! ((key word MY thoughts. like i say —— ppl can think what they want, i’m cacklin in the wind !!)))

!!!!!!!!!!! happy tuesday <3

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Madrid,Spain (7/10)

Madrid,Spain (7/10)

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Anonymous asked: Hi! I just joined tumblr and I really love what you blog. Do you have any other blog recommendations!? Thanks so much :)


Hello and welcome!!!

Here’s some awesome Zayn/Liam/Ziam blogs

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